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Why I prefer travel books in paper format

I love my phone I can do almost everything I want to do with it. I can skim through data, read books, research all sorts of subjects but when it comes to travel books I find it lacking.

The pictures don’t feel real, it can’t be seen in bright sunlight, the battery can run flat just when I need it, I can drop it and wreck it, it can be stolen or I can sit on it and destroy it.

My paper book is always visible even in the brightest of sunlight. It is unlikely to be stolen, it doesn’t matter if I drop it, I probably will sit on it a hundred times and it won’t matter.

The most compelling reason for a paper book is that it feels lovely, it smells like a book and assuming you drop it where you cant get to it or lose it. Nip into a local book shop and replace it at a minimal cost.

A book has a smell it is tactile and can be written on for notes.

A simple solution that has stood the test of time. Planning your trip is exciting with a book, taking your book with it’s notes is fulfilling as you visit every place you planned and don’t forget to check out every note you made in the margin. Best of all unless it is dark you won’t need to squint to read your book.

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Books in Paper Format

I may be a little biased in my feelings towards paper books. I grew up in an age where computers were owned by governments and huge corporations and needed buildings the size of schools to house them.

Everything we needed to know was in books, usually borrowed from the library. The librarian always seemed to wear glasses they could peer over to check if you had borrowed the book for too long and needed to pay a fine.

I took to computers like a duck to water however for some things nothing still bearts a book. Reading on a beach, with no worry your expensive eBook reader will be stolen taking a plunge in the sea. On a plane journey where you can snuggle in the corner of a seat and not worry about falling asleep and dropping your phone or eBook reader. You don’t need to turn off your paper book for take off and landing.

Let me set you a challenge. When planning your next trip do it with a travel book and take it with you on your trip. On the next trip do it with your phone and use that on the trip.

When you get back analyze the two trips. Which one do you imaging to be the most enjoyable trip?