You will need a basic income.

You will need a basic income to pay bills, what you don’t need is a stressful job that takes up all your time or creates worry. That is stressful.

If you can use your leisure pursuits to pay for themselves. How?

  • If you walk –¬†take photographs
  • If you cycle – take photographs
  • If you camp – take photographs
  • Whatever you do – take videos

Whatever you do take photographs so you can earn money from them. How?

  • Sell them direct
  • Sell them to photo selling shops
  • Run a blog of your travels
  • Write books about your travels
  • Write articles about your travels
  • Run a V-log on YouTube

Blogs can be free to create and operate. Run a blog with and you get paid when people like your blog post. even pay your entry fee so it free to use.

Now start enjoying life outdoors. Start to live again.